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Artist’s Statement

It is a question of possibilities

My work is similar to that of a map maker who labors, one piece at a time, in the creation of a map with no borders and no explanatory key, in order to understand where he/she is now, where he/she has been and where he/she is going. Unlike conventional maps that define specific places and the spaces between places, the body of my work can be seen as mapping the relativity of “passings” and “becomings” and the endlessly shifting relationship between them.

Questions of meaning, context, possible narrative, sign, symbol, time and history resonate in the relationship between multiples of passing and becoming. Instinctively there is a need for clarity, familiarity and certainty. Yet the closer I come, the more I discover opacity, enigma and elusiveness. Inside the paradox, there is beauty, juxtapositions of the paradox, a tilt this way or that in passing, reveal fragments of the aesthetic. The contradictions are wonderful, there is no center, the center can not hold.

Affirmation is abundant. One needs merely look.

Artist’s Bio

In the four decades since first painting in oil on canvas in a studio in California, Kip Bauersfeld [B. 1967 – Washington D.C.] is best known for his works involving a colorful, vibrant, albeit idiosyncratic, juxtaposition of space and human form. Fascinated by ideas of dislocation, separation and the impossibility of belonging, Kip’s work draws on a host of deeply personal experiences of alienation and the constant struggle to cling to ephemeral notions of love and beauty in an over-mediated and hyperbolic world. Inspired by the Czech Underground and the various stances taken by artists as divergent as the poets Ivan Martin Jirous (“Magor”), and Pavel Zaicek, and painters such as Lucien Freud, Gerhard Richter, Neo Rauch and movements including Situationism and Stuckism, Kip’s work at once reflects the conflict between the aesthetics of an artistic tradition he is forced to view from the outside, his desperate need to belong and the all-pervasive, mind-numbing banality of life in today’s global village.

Commercial commissions and group show invitations accepted – contact kip.bauersfeld@gmail.com

Solo Exhibitions


Prague, Czech Republic. January 10 – February 10. “Passage – between Passings and Becomings,” Kavovarna Galerie, Pasaz Lucerna

Prague, Czech Republic. May 3 – August 20. “Capture Witheld,” Ouky Douky Cafe, Holesovice

Prague, Czech Republic. May 31- June 15. “The Raw and the Cooked,” Kavovarna Galerie, Pasaz Lucerna


Prague, Czech Republic. January 12- March 15. “Speculum Speculorum – Contemporary Figurative Painting,” CzechInn Cafe, Vinohrady


Prague, Czech Republic. June 10. “Stavka!-Strike”, Letna

Prague, Czech Republic. February. “Vote Bunny”, Letna, Holesovice


Prague, Czech Republic. May 1 – January 5, 2015. “Conference Rooms”, Balcar Polansky Eversheds law offices


Prague, Czech Republic. March 1 – May 1. “An Opening of Sorts”, Vegtral Restaurance Bar

Prague, Czech Republic. September 23 – present. ” Smoking Section”, Vegtral Restaurance Bar

Prague, Czech Republic. October – present. “Eclectic Eccentric”, Galerie Chez Gerd


Prague, Czech Republic. December 11- January 14. “Letna Paintings”, The Farm, Prague 7


Prague, Czech Republic. May – present. “Signs”,  Vegtral Restaurance Bar, Letna


Prague, Czech Republic. April 1 – May 13. “ARR (All Rights Reserved)”, Kyklop, Letna

Prague, Czech Republic. May 13. “Umeni na ulice”, Korunovacni, Praha 7


Prague, Czech Republic. January 19 – March 2. Just Breathe, StellArt Gallery, Prague 8

See photos of the opening here.

Group shows


Prague, Czech Republic. September 16 – October 7. “Where’s Your Sense of Humor?” The Globe Bookstore and Cafe


London, UK. April 19 – May 2. “The Enemies of Art”. Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill 


Athens, Greece. “COV-ART Project,” Copelouzos Family Art Museum.

Prague, Czech Republic. Opening –  Salon Koncept Letna.


Prague, Czech Republic. March 2 – April 4. “Prodejni vystava del,” Salon Koncept Letna.

See photos of the opening here. (scroll right)

Commercial Commissions


CIUR a.s. – Pražská 1012, 250 01, Brandýs nad Labem


The Superseding, A Prague Nocturne, by Kip Bauersfeld, Vote Bunny Press, Prague 2012

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The Return of Kral Majales, Prague’s International Literary Renaissance 1990-2010 An Anthology, edited by Louis Armand, Litteria Pragensia Books, Prague 2010

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COV-ART Project, Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, 2022